Rewards not only give players a sense of accomplishment for achieving their goals, they help prepare them for the even more dangerous adventures to come!

Though just about anything can function as a reward in D6 Dungeons, the three things most characters will enjoy receiving most are advancement for improving their skills, wealth for buying new equipment, and artifacts for a variety of magical powers and effects. Of course, these are only tangible rewards; players should also be able to make friends, become famous, or even be granted titles.


Characters advance when the narrator calls for it, usually at some milestone in the adventure. When you advance, you may add 1 to any skill (up to a maximum of 5), even those from other classes.


Wealth is increased in one of two ways: Either the narrator will simply decide to add to a character's wealth, or they will declare that a treasure has been found. Treasures allow a player to roll a die; if the roll is higher than the character's current wealth, it increases by 1. Rolling a 6 always increases a character's wealth.


An artifact could be literally anything, from a healing potion to a tree that grows helmets. The narrator should design artifacts to fit the story, but also be careful so as to not introduce anything that upsets the balance of the game.