New Skills

Choose one of the following skills, which are not tied to any particular class, during character creation:

Alchemy: creating, identifying, and countering potions and poisons

Animals: training, riding, taming, commands

Perform: singing, dancing, instruments, oration (disadvantage with heavy armor or shields)

Craft: construction, appraisal, repair, efficiency

Streetwise: who’s who, socializing, gathering information, fencing stolen goods

Survival: nature, hunting, navigation, geography, foraging

Firearms: firing, unjamming, cleaning, reloading firearms (disadvantage with heavy armor or shields)

Psionics: esp, precognition, telekinesis, mind reading (wisdom to cast in one action, willpower to avoid consequences for failure, disadvantage with heavy armor or shields)

Engineering: creating, sabotaging, repairing, identifying, modifying (intelligence to cast in one action, awareness to avoid consequences for failure)