Sample Characters

Here are some sample characters to get you started if you're having trouble deciding on what to play or just want to get the adventure going as fast as possible. The suggestions on how to play and advance each character are just that: suggestions. Feel free to take them in any direction you like! You can find pre-made character sheets for each hero at the bottom of this page.


Class: Cleric

Skills: empathy 2, religion 3, willpower 2, wisdom 2

Equipment: mace, chainmail armor, kite shield, holy symbol, Book of Souls, and a satchel of bandages.

Wealth: 2

How to Play Damilo: With spellcasting capabilities that are quite good for a young man, others are often surprised when Damilo prefers to get into melee combat with the other front-line fighters. Once the battle is over, he has enough time to heal everyone's wounds with his magic or healing kit.

How to Advance Damilo: There are a few different directions you could take Damilo. The first is to improve his religion, willpower, and wisdom skills to make him a better spellcaster. You could also invest in weaponry, fortitude, and reflexes to increase his combat ability.


Class: Mage

Skills: awareness 3, intelligence 2, persuasion 2, spellcraft 2

Equipment: walking staff, magic wand, Almanac of Automatons, Alchemy for Apprentices, and Literally Linguistics.

Wealth: 2

How to Play Effara: Though her spellcasting is still very basic, Effara is very perceptive and can often avoid the negative effects of botched spells. Anything she doesn't immediately notice about her surroundings, she's able to figure out by spending a few minutes with her nose pressed into one of the many books she carries with her.

How to Advance Effara: The most effective way to advance Effara is to focus on her spellcasting skills: awareness, intelligence, and spellcraft. However, it wouldn't hurt for her to explore other options that increase her versatility, like reflexes, stealth, or weaponry.


Class: Rogue

Skills: dexterity 2, reflexes 2, stealth 2, deception 3

Equipment: curved dagger, crossbow, leather armor, roll of lockpicks, and a snare trap kit.

Wealth: 2

How to Play Ora: Unlike other rogues, who prefer to sneak up and ambush their enemies, Ora is a talker. Nothing pleases her more than chatting circles around her befuddled adversaries, ending up with all their gold without having to spill any blood at all. She can fight when she needs to, but would much rather do so with her crossbow from far away than up close with her dagger.

How to Advance Ora: If she's allowed to be the face of the group, doing all the talking while they handle the dirty work, Ora is going to need empathy, persuasion, and intimidation. On the other hand, a dash of arcane magic could really give her an edge, which would require awareness, intelligence, and spellcraft.


Class: Warrior

Skills: fortitude 3, intimidation 2, strength 2, weaponry 2

Equipment: broadsword, longbow, throwing axe, half plate armor, tower shield, and a knotted rope.

Wealth: 2

How to Play Umlau: Tougher than nails and strong as an ox, Umlau is most comfortable in his heavy armor, wading through enemy ranks with his sword and shield at the ready. Though he's still got a lot to learn about being a warrior, his natural talent for survival is impressive. Outside of combat, he's a bit rough around the edges, but when he raises his voice, people tend to either listen or get out of his way.

How to Advance Umlau: To become the legendary warrior he thinks he was meant to be, Umlau should improve his fortitude, strength, and weaponry, though it wouldn't hurt to raise his other defenses, like awareness, reflexes, and willpower.