Limb Wound System

For a more visceral and granular wound system, this optional rule replaces the standard situation where suffering a wound cancels out a skill. Instead, whenever a character is wounded, roll a die to determine what part of their body is affected.

1 = Chest

2 = Left Arm

3 = Right Arm

4 = Left Leg

5 = Right Leg

6 = Head

When a character takes a wound to a limb, they suffer disadvantage on all actions that require its use. For example, having a wounded arm would cause disadvantage on weapon attacks using that arm, while a wounded leg would cause disadvantage on anything related to movement. A wounded chest causes disadvantage on all physical actions and a wounded head causes disadvantage on all mental actions, including spellcasting. Suffering a second wound to a limb disables it, preventing any use of that limb. A disabled head or chest knocks the character unconscious.


Once per scene, the character or one of their allies may attempt a wisdom 5 roll to heal one wounded limb or reduce one disabled limb to being only wounded. Minor divine healing spells can achieve the same result, downgrading a wounded limb, while higher difficulty divine spells can fully restore one or more limbs to perfect health.